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S.D. Puckett & Associates, Inc.

N.C. Professional Land Surveyors since 1981

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Residential Surveying Services

We provide Professional Land Surveying Services to residential homeowners and investors throughout the greater Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill region. Our Residential Land Surveying Services include:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates for homes near flood prone areas
  • Topographical Surveys for new home sites, home additions and landscaping projects
  • Site Plans for new construction and home additions
  • FEMA Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) to permanently remove your lot or home from a special flood hazard zone
  • Lot divisions
  • Recombination surveys to reconfigure or remove old lot lines
  • Homeowners’ Association  required mapping if you plan to make improvements to your lot
  • Encroachment determination survey if you believe your neighbor is encroaching on your lot
  • Construction staking for your new home, home addition or new garage
  • Property line marking for fence construction
  • Easement surveys
  • Legal Descriptions